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Let Love Be Your Energy     
Better Man   
Rock DJ     
If it's hurting you   
Singing for the lonely   
Love calling earth   
Knutsford city limits   
Forever Texas   
By all means necessary   
The Road to Mandalay     
Ser Mejor (Better Man)
No incluídas en el disco
My Way (B-Side / Let love be your energy)   
Rolling Stone (B-Side / Let love be your energy)   
Talk to me (B-Side / Rock Dj)   
John's Gay (B-Side / Kids)   
Often (B-Side / Kids)   
Karaoke Star (B-Side / Kids)   
Kill me or cure me (B-Side / Kids)   
United (B-Side / Supreme)   
Don't do love (B-Side / Supreme)   
Come and take me over (B-Side / Supreme)   
Toxic (B-Side / The road to Mandalay)   
Eternity (B-Side / The road to Mandalay)