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Lazy Days     
Life thru a lens   
Ego a go go   
South of the border   
Old before I die     
One of God's better people   
Let me entertain you     
Killing me   
Baby Girl Window   
No incluídas en el disco
Average B Side (B-Side / Old before I die)   
Making plans for Nigel(B-Side / Old before I die)   
Kooks(B-Side / Old before I die)   
Better Days(B-Side / Old before I die)   
Teenage Millonaire(B-Side / Lazy Days)   
Falling in Bed(B-Side / Lazy Days)   
She makes me high (B-Side / Lazy Days)   
Everytime we said goodbay (B-Side / Lazy Days)   
Cheap love song (B-Side / South of the border)   
Karaoke Overkill (B-Side / Angels)   
Get the joke (B-Side / Angels)   
Back for good (B-Side / Angels)   
Full Monty Medley (B-Side / Let Me Entertain You)
I wouldn' t normally do this kind of thing (B-Side / Let me entertain you)   
I am the reserection (B-Side / Let me entertain you)