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Life thru a lens   
No Regrets     
Phoenix from the Flames   
Win some, Lose some   
Jesus in a camper van   
Heaven from here   
Karma killer   
She's the one     
Man machine   
These Dreams   
Stand your ground   
Stalker's day off   
No incluídas en el disco
Love Cheat (B-Side / Millenium)   
Rome Munich Rome (B-Side / Millenium)   
Ant Music (B-Side / No Regrets)   
Sexed Up (B-Side / No Regrets)     
There she goes (B-Side / No Regrets)   
Deceiving is Believing (B-Side / No Regrets)   
Happy song (B-Side / Strong)   
It's only us (B-Side / She's the one)     
Coke & Tears (B-Side / She's the one)