Back for good
I guess now it's time
For me to give up
I feel it's time

Got a picture of you beside me
Got your lipstick mark
Still on your coffee cup,

Got a fist of pure emotion
Got a head of shattered dreams
Gotta leave it,
Gotta leave it all behind me now

Whatever I said, whatever I did
I didn't mean it
I just want you back for good

Whenever I'm wrong
Just tell me the song and I'll sing it
You'll be right and understood

Unaware but underlined
I figured out the story
It wasn't good

And in the corner of a mind
I celebrated glory
But it wasn't to be

In the twist of separation
You excelled at being free
Can't you find a little room inside for me

Whatever I said, whatever I did...

And we'll be together, this time is forever
no more fighting, and forever we will be

So complete in our love
We will never be uncovered again

Whatever I said, whatever I did...