thank you for let it me be me


Thank you for letting me be myself.
Some people don't like me being me.
It seems that I make them feel
uneasy about themselves.
I've tried hard in the past
to fit in with people.
It's the only me I do and I
get offended when I'm not liked.
I would also like to think
that that is a natural human emotion.
But it seems the position I'm
in means it's OK to hate me.
Even if we never met so thank
you for letting me be me.
I'm on the telly so people think
I don't have any feelings- I do.
So thank you for letting me be me.
I read stuff about me that
I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.
You have never said or
thought these things,
so thank you for letting me be me
I have money to spend and I live
the life of a high roller
but you never held this against me.
Some people make me feel as though
I don't deserve to be where I am.
Believe me. I too on
many of these occasions
have had these feelings,
so they're not alone.
But you have never thought these things.
So thank you for allowing me to be me.
If I'm ever abrasive or seem arrogant
it's because I'm scared.
But you know this and you let me be me.
Some people will watch
this and tear it to pieces.
but they're not like you...
They won't let me be me.

Hello sir


Hello Sir remember me
I'm the man you thought I'd never be
The boy who you reduced to tears
The lad called thingy for 6 whole years
Yeah that's right my name's Bob
The one who landed the popstars job
The one who you told look don't touch
The kid who wouldn't amount to much
Well I am here and you're still there
With your fake sports car receding hair
With your dodgy Farah trousers that you
think are smart
Married to the woman that teaches art
Married to the life, married to the school
I want to sing and dance,
sir, now who's a fool
Sing and dance you thought was barmy
Settle down thingy join the army
And who are you to tell me this
The dream I want I'd have to miss
Sir is God he's been given the right
To structure lives overnight
Now I know lifes true path
Tanks and guns that'll be a laugh
Not to me I'm a mega civilian
I won't lead my life riding a pillion
Well, thanks for the advice
and I'm sure I'll do it
For the negative dickhead's just like you
As for now I've a different weapon
Stage and screen is about to beckon
And here I sit in first class
Bollocks sir
Kiss my ass

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